Pizza storage containers to help keep pizza slices fresh. Learn more about Pizza Keepa. Tips for Pizza Keepa's

The Pizza Keepa

Pizza Keepa is great
for school Fund Raisers.

Pizza Keepa's are:
seal tight, locking in freshness
are easy to clean
store multiple pizza slices
are fun for gifts, Holiday events, prizes, and more....
are available in quantity for
     whole sale
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    E- mail:
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BPA Free - Plastic

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Pizza Keepa gives you
more product for less

Pizza Keepa's:
Help raise money for your favorite
Get involved with the success of
     your talents
Choose a product that people would
     want to buy
Sell a product that is durable and
     long lasting
Pizza Keepa is a low cost product
    giving you the most return for your
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Fundraising Tips Articles

Common Fundraising Mistakes and Tips to Avoid Them - Sometimes in life things just don’t go the way you planned. This is especially true with fundraisers. The logistics of organizing a fundraiser can be overwhelming to most. Coupled with the fact that most fundraising organizers are volunteers, so they are taking on the fundraising responsibilities on top of their everyday life routine. And most have little prior experience with fundraisers so they are learning on the fly. Click here to read about tips to avoiding fundraising mistakes.

Tips on Promoting a Fundraiser - As anyone who has ever run a fundraiser can tell you, the most important factor in determining the success of a fundraiser, is how well the fundraiser is promoted. Everything else can be executed perfectly, but if the fundraiser in not promoted properly, then the chances of success are slim. Fundraising organizers must use every resource available to them to get the word out to the entire community about the fundraiser. Below are essential tools in successful fundraising promotion. Click here for fundraising promotion tips.

Parent Letters Tips and Samples - Keeping parents informed about your school’s fundraising activities is a must. There are many opportunities for a school to communicate with parents throughout the year: parent-teacher conferences, school events, morning and afternoon pick up, etc. But the most effective way to communicate the specifics of a fundraiser (mission statement, selling dates, pick up dates, product details, etc.) is through a fundraising parent letter. Click here for tips in writing fundraising parent letters.

How to develop a Fundraising Mission Statement - One of the main keys with running a successful fundraiser is getting your message across to your supporters. There’s a reason your group is raising funds and the reason needs to be clearly conveyed to your community. You’re likely to get more support for your fundraising if your message is understood. That’s why your group should develop a “Fundraising Mission Statement”. Click here for tips on developing a fundraising mission statement.

Tips For High School Fundraisers - Finding the right fundraiser for high school groups is not an easy thing to do. Motivating a high school student to participant in a fundraiser is an even tougher thing to do. High school fundraisers are a different animal compared to the fundraisers run by the middle schools and elementary schools. The main difference is that the fundraisers are not run by a parent organization such as a PTA or PTO. Click here for high school fundraising tips.

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