Pizza storage containers to help keep pizza slices fresh. Learn more about Pizza Keepa. How Pizza Keepa's work.

How Pizza Keepa Works

pizzaPizza Storage Container - The Pizza Keepa

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Cell: (631) 664-4447  / Ofc: (941) 426-9856
Only $4.50 each container
( buy 1 or buy a million - pizza keepa's are great for chillin' )
Overall size:  Approx.  9.5 inches by  12 inches  //  approx. 2 inches high
BPA Free - Plastic
Our specially designed and patented formulated plastic pizza slice storage container
keeps up to 2 to 3 pizza slices fresh and preserved for several days.

The seal tight lid is durable and makes your Pizza Keepa air-tight.
 The Pizza Keepa stores neatly in your refrigerator and can stack up to 4 high. 

Pizza Keepa plastic storage containers are BPA Free, microwavable and dishwasher / freezer safe, great for lunches and meals on the go. Each container can stack 2 slices of pizza so you can store an entire 8 slice pizza in the 4 containers. Also can use Pizza Keepa containers for storing vegetables, candy, or other food items.

Size of each container is 12" L x 9-1/2" W x 2" H (approx.)

This is a direct buy from the Inventor and manufacturer of the "Original" Pizza Keepa.

More uses for Pizza Keepa

Call Cell #: 631-664-4447 or Office #:  (941) 426-9856 or E-mail:


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