Pizza storage containers to help keep pizza slices fresh. Learn more about Pizza Keepa. Order your pizza keepa today with fast shipping

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BPA Free - Plastic                              

If you prefer to have a live person place your order, simply call:

Cell: (631) 664-4447  /  Office: (941) 426-9856     /      or send an e-mail request to:

BPA Free - Plastic

Please allow several days to receive your order.  You will be one of many who have enjoyed the pizza keepa.  We have so many additional orders for more pizza keepa's for those satisfied customers who want more for their family and friends, so, if you want more, we will be happy to hear from you again.

Your order of the pizza keepa was designed with care from folks who simply love pizza.  Your order will be placed once your payment is made and shipping information submitted for fast and reliable delivery.